Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Wha Happened?

Well, if you are one of the four people who read this, you may have noticed I haven't updated my blog for well, over a month. So as my good friend Inigo Montoya would say, Let me splain, no there is no time, let me sum up. Since last I wrote we have had four Christmases (one with Carlye and I and the boys, one with the Clarks, one with the Daugirds, and one with Adlards prior to their trip to South Africa). If that sounds like a lot of celebrating, not to worry, we still have one more Christmas left this weekend with our friends the Spencers. I got a few weeks off of school, which is always nice.

We spent a lot of time with the boys and doing outings. We even got to go here, since we received a much appreciated membership as Christmas gift. (note the story about the new calf, when we were there we saw a sign notifying us that their cow had just died, needless to say we did not read this out for the boys). Anyways, we had to go home a bit early because I was feeling a bit woosy and we spent the last week of vacation passing a nasty GI bug from family member to family member (except for Dash who somehow managed to avoid it completely). The best day was probably when Carlye and I were both sick at the same time. I think it was spent with me lying on the couch while Moses and Eli watched movies and cartoons, while Carlye lay upstairs in bed trying not to vomit. But not to worry, we all recovered just in time for me to go back to school and I was the only one who managed to get a bronchitis the entire next week (lots of coughing, lots of green mucous, thank you inventor of the Z-Pack). Ah yes Z Pack besides all viral, fungal, and most bacterial (not to mention mycobacterial), what infections can't you cure? Well you did a number on mine and for that I now immortalize you in my blog.

Anywho, we are now all healthy and if my sum up gave you the wrong impression (which it probably did) we had a wonderful and restful holiday. Now back to classes here. Ah yes the Medical Biomolecular Research Building and its wonderful lecture halls. We med students like to call it the MBRB, pretty creative, I know. Yes, just like the pop hit I will forever be in the MBRB...er...india arie. At least until May. Last semester of full-time didactic medical education, score! Don't worry I am sure they will still try to slip it in somehow during our clinical rotations the next two years. Alright, if I keep writing I will run out of things to put in my next blog, which hopefully will be in another month or so.