Monday, December 17, 2007

A Day in the Life

Today was the first Monday of Winter Holiday and we celebrated by taking Moses to the doctor for his six month check up. He got three shots and Eli and I both ended up getting one flu shot each as well (Carlye already got hers and was the only one who left the clinic without a sore appendage). Moses spent most of the day eating and sleeping and laughing. Eli spent most of the day cracking me and Carlye up.

Moses loves to feed himself toasted oats (Cheerio's) after lunch and dinner. He goes through them pretty quickly and so when he runs out Carlye will ask him if he wants more "Os" while making the handsign for the letter O (she is into the baby sign language). So today at lunch when Moses ran out of Cheerios Eli asked his brother if he wanted more "Hos". "Hey brother you want more Hos? You want Hos? Need more Hos? You need Hos? Hey, you need Hos?" Between suppressed laughter Carlye and I look at each other and I ask her why she is raising our son to be so disrespectful to women.

Later Moses is napping. Eli loads up a small paper bag with toys and library books, gets up and says "I going to work, I going to my office." When I ask him what he does for work he repsponds "Rescue pilot. I need to go fly my airplane." I then ask him if the bag he is carrying is his briefcase and he says "No, it's presents." At this point he gets distracted from rescuing people and proceeds to hand out presents to Carlye and I. He gives me a dinosaur (which looks surprisingly like a book) and when Carlye asks for one to he tells her, "No mommy, you've been bad." I try not to look Carlye in the eyes because I am already laughing too loudly to discourage such behavior from my son.

After dinner I put Moses into a clean diaper and pajamas. Earlier Eli had all of the throw pillows on the floor. I take one and lay down on the couch with Moses starting to fall asleep on my chest. Eli comes over to play and after about ten minutes he suddenly realizes I have one of the eight pillows he was playing with before dinner (but not since). He looks at me and asks for his pillow back. I point out that he has seven more to play with on the floor including one that is identical to the one I am laying on. Needless to say, this line of rational and clear-headed reasoning does not work on a two year old. He proceeds to tell me that the pillow I have is for him, the one identical to it is for his stuffed bear and the other six he needed as well (although no explanation for why he needed these was given). I think Carlye was the one laughing at me this time. But I somehow managed to keep my pillow instead of having to give it up for Eli's stuffed bear.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007


Last night Carlye went out for some much needed R and R (pedicures and dinner out). I was left to fend for myself with Elisha and Moses. So naturally Eli and I had waffles for dinner, then we all three spent some time rolling on the floor, coloring, and reading some books before I managed to put them both to bed (much easier now that Moses goes to sleep before Eli, a similar night a few months ago saw me giving Eli a bath while holding Moses at the same time, it should be an olympic sport...hold the screaming baby in one hand while washing the other screaming child, point deduction for not getting the older one into pajamas while still holding the screaming baby). I am constantly amazed and overly appreciative and left dumbstruck when I consider that Carlye does this every weekday all day. I mean these boys are loads of fun but man they can wear you out real quick. Anyways, kudos to her and I am glad she got out for some rest.
Since Carlye was gone for Moses nine o'clock feeding this meant I was to give him a bottle. Being the prepared father that I am I took the bottle out of the freezer to thaw out at eight o'clock. Of course this does not help when Moses wakes up screaming three minutes later. Naturally as a seasoned dad I let him cry for a while and offer him his pacifier a couple times. Then I just decide to feed him early. So I put the bottle under hot, running water. I practiced several different techniques of getting the water to hit the maximum surface area of the bottle all in vain attempts to try and speed up the thawing process. After ten minutes I was left wondering if I should have just boiled some water in the first place. With the milk finally thawed, the bottle armed and ready, and I go up to feed the screaming baby, who proceeds to drink one once of the five and fall back to sleep. As Carlye would say (and now Eli has started too as well) "Seriously?"
My poor parents. Why is it you can't really appreciate all they went through to raise you until you move out and have kids of your own?

Monday, December 3, 2007


Have you seen this? Random one eh? (I can't believe I stop blogging for two weeks and this is all I can come up with, how do you like that weak game?)