Sunday, April 6, 2008

What's in the Middle?

Well it has been a while. What have the four of us been up to of note? Well more on that later (sooner later, not two months from now later, I hope). For now a short post.

During my small group on sexual health, in between talking about how to ask patients a good sexual history (you know addressing the important areas of risk or bringing up common concerns) and arranging the blue flashcards with the twelve steps of how to properly use a condom on them (yes there are twelve, if you aren't doing them all ask your doctor how you might be at risk), people in my small group brought up this website.

I had never seen it before but it sounded as hilarious as it is. And so I now share it with you. Probably much belated since I am out of the cultural loop (as any man who owns a mini-van has to be by definition). Anyways, see if you spot yourself in any of these, you may just be more white than you thought. And I can honestly say this blog rings surprisingly true to most of the time. My favorite part is how it is written to give people tips on how to talk and relate to white people.

So if you are white, be careful. All of your secrets are out in the open for anyone to see.