Friday, February 29, 2008


Sitting down to dinner tongiht.
"Let's say grace before we eat. Dash would you like to pray for us?"
"I will."
Carlye chimes in.
She is about to start when Dash says
"No, I want to!"
"Jesus thank you for ketchup, thank you for fish sticks, thank you for tomatoes, no thank you for these." (this last part while pointing to the green beans on his plate...Carlye and I sneaking a peek at each other, trying not to laugh)


Serena's 24/7 said...

Steve...seriously...that is my all time favorite grace...and I've heard some douseys. tell carlye-bell hi for me. xxx

ADAM C said...

dudes...thatz cute. Hope to catch a live "grace" this summer...peace