Friday, February 15, 2008

I heard that

My friend showed me this website the other day. Its all about posting random things overheard in not-so-private conversations in public places. It started out just in NY City, but now they have multiple categories so you too can submit your own. Nothing serious, usually just random snippets, one sided phone conversations, etc. Most are posted to make others laugh, which means a good number are vulgar (maybe I should have mentioned that before posting the link).

However, the whole idea of a website devoted to posting parts of overheard conversation, definitely struck me as something quintessential to life post-internet. It is hard to think of another forum that would allow random strangers to share funny and amusing bits of overheard conversations with other random strangers. It is probably a good insight, although an admittedly warped one, into the American psyche as well. Here is one that for some reason struck me as especially funny:

Beer store employee: Can I help you to your car with that?
Middle-aged customer: I'm a woman. I gave birth. I can carry a case of beer.

--Verona, Pennsylvania

And this one just for the Adlards:

Girl #1: Ugh, I hate Honda Elements. They're so ugly!
Girl #2: Yeah, but did you know that you could, like, fill the whole thing with water and it would still run perfectly?
Girl #1: Why would you want to do that?
Girl #2: I don't know... But you could!

--W 42nd & Broadway

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